Taking Responsibility For Your Actions

Does growing up really means growing apart?

My teenage life is vastly different from my childhood. When I was a kid, everything seemed colorful, light, and joyful. But when i reached my early puberty stage, a lot of things had changed. The things got harder to the point that I wasted much of my time crying, self-pitying and losing myself. Those dark memories are all part of my past. Thankfully, I am doing well now. And I want to share to you now the thing that helped me.

I’m sure I am not the only one who experienced or experiencing this type of problem. According to the Mental Health Forum held in line with the National Science and Technology week on 2017, majority of 21,500 adolescent respondents stated that they have some form of depression. And now, we are in the year of 2020, during the rise of the coronavirus pandemic, and the era of online class scheme formulated by Department of Education, the number of stressed teenagers surely rise up to the roof. Numbers can’t lie. According to the World Health Organization, the number of mental health concerns and disorders in the Philippines had “drastically” increased since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Unfortunately, the world is getting cruel day by day. It’s unstoppable. Everyone of us are facing our own challenges. I believe that the one who can help you the most in these trying times is none other than yourself. Your actions play a big factor to your life. It’s your responsibility. It is everyone’s responsibility.

Try to look at the mirror and ask yourself these questions : “What would be the effect of what I am doing right now? Is this decision will give me a long-term happiness? Do my actions make me a better person? Am I on the right path?”

Making big decision is really difficult and crucial. Why not practice your decision-making ability by doing right choices on smallest things? It would be a great stepping stone for you to decide better on the bigger things because you already have a clear vision on what is right and what is wrong. Don’t be discouraged! Remember, you are made carefully by God. You are much better than who are you today! You have the power to improve yourself day by day. So don’t stop! It would be worth it. You can do this!

Your actions are the “forward button” of your life. Every click is crucial. Every tap tells your fate. If you do it right, the next episodes of your life would be brilliant as a burning star. So always consider your every decision as the last decision you would ever make. You can’t do it wrong because it costs your life.

Does growing up really means growing apart? No. Growing up means growing of an art. You are an art…and you are growing. So decide, act, and live your life to the fullest and happiest it can be.

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